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  Peter Fairfield  
415 377 0862
Peter Fairfield Licensed Accupuncturist, Medical Intuitive and Author of Deep Happy: How to Get There and Always Find Your Way Back, is also the Co-Owner of the Center for Health and Happiness located in Mill Valley, California. Peter talks about Integrated mental and emotional health for the New Millenium
  Paula Ginsburg  
415 282 4590 paula.onesimplething@gmail.com powerofonesimplething.blogspot.com
Paula Ginsburg, author of One Simple Thing, tells the story of the One Simple Thing Project created by public school kids for San Francisco cafes in 1990. Over the past 22 years this unique project has given thousands of inner city students a chance to gain self esteem by making a positive difference in their community. The book is about empowerment for us all to do our own "one simple thing" in a way that's easy and even FUN! The One Simple Thing Project is still going strong after all these years and hopefully has been a gentle reminder for us to walk a little lighter on the Planet.
  Steven Halpern  
Bonnie talks with Steven Halpern, Grammy nominated composer, recording artist, researcher, sound healer and evolutionary activist, about his latest healing music with Brainwave Entrainment. Steven explains how this music is sonic spiritual technology for deeper meditation, enhanced healing and creativity.
  Leslie Hewitt  
Dr. Leslie Hewitt, CEO of the WOW Factor and creator of the WOW Conference, talks about how she is facilitating the co-creative efforts of other female doctors and practitioners who are discouraged with the current sick care system. Dr. Hewitt's life work is to remind people that healing is an inside job. Her experience as a speaker, author, entrepreneur, chiropractor, aerobics instructor and yoga teacher has inspired her to invite other women to join the WOW vision and purpose. Dr. Hewitt owns Anatomy Power Wellness Studio in Blackhawk, Danville, California and continues to see patients in her boutique concierge private practice.
  Randy Hold  
Randy Hold is a Core Healing Therapist, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Expert at Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique as well as Therapeutic Shaking. Randy has taught his unique blend of tools to clients and healers all over the world. He has a private practice in Palo Alto, California, where he founded The California Stress Relief Center to help people get over their most difficult challenges and stressful anxious feelings. Randy dedicated years to studying different ways to help people help themselves.
  Stephen Linsteadt  
Stephen Linsteadt, Doctor of Natural Health, Teacher and author of Scalar Heart Connections and The Heart of Health, talks about how we can let our hearts guide us through a process of deep transformation so that we can begin to live the extraordinary, awakened life we've always known was possible.

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