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  Yoanna Kanalakis  
1 800 366 4617 yoannaskincare@gmail.com www.yoannaskincare.com
Yoanna Kanalakis, Owner and Creator of Yoanna Skin Care and Earth Mineral Makeup will share about her incredible natural and organic aloe based--age regressing products including her amazing non-surgical lift mask that takes 6 to 10 years off the skin in just one application. She will also be talking about her all natural mineral makeup that is good and healthy for the skin and her new Holistic Health & Beauty Center in Redwood City where there are many natural modalities available like massage, healing, cranial sacral, and private intuitive, skincare and makeup consultations from Yoanna
  Jacqueline K. Kelsey  
Jacqueline K. Kelsey, Ph.D., author of Beneath the Tall Black Door and her new book, Flight Beyond the Stars, is an alternative learner and leads others to connect and receive from out-of-the-way people in society. Her greatest teachers are humble people and animals. Adventurous and risk taking, Jacqueline realizes her dream to connect with original peoples in Hawaii, the Northwest, and the South Pacific. She says that she has the "time of her life" all of the time, forever.
  Phyllis King  
www.phyllisking.net www.phyllisking.net/menubar-Heart-of-the-Matter
Phyllis King, Your Common Sense Psychic, hosts on Seeing Beyond. She will be introducing several guests, including Hand Analyst Richard Unger, to Seeing Beyond listeners.
  Kerri Lake  
Kerri Lake, Author of Listen Like a Horse: Relationships Without Dominance and several internationally published articles, talks about how we all have what we need within ourselves. She invites people to open up our world as we integrate our higher and lower aspects in the absence of judgement. For more than 30 years, Kerri has shared how to use divine awareness to regenerate, heal and create our world.
  Clayton Nolte  
Inventor and Founder of Natural Action Technologies, Clayton Nolte, has spent his entire life engineering and reverse-engineering technologies that are truly "out of this world". Today, Clayton talks about his mission, which is "to make Structured Water available to every man, woman and child on this planet in my lifetime."
  Lisa Osina  
Lisa Osina, Author of A Wolf Song, A Story of Forgiveness, is an ordained minister and graduate of Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Art and Training. "A Wolf Song" is a reflection of the journeys and lessons Lisa learned and continues to study.

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