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  Tom Paladino  
Tom Paladino talks about his research and work with scalar energy, also know as prana, chi, radiant energy, zero point energy, qi, and orgone. Tom talks about how after years of experimentation and modification he has developed a technique using scalar energy that will transmute pathogens quickly and painlessly.
  Jo-Anne Rohn-Cook  
800.957.4852 www.joannerohncook.com
Jo-Anne Rohn-Cook, Nutritional Consultant and Medical Intuitive, talks about the food and mood connection and how nutritional support can effectively make positive changes in your life. Jo-Anne amazes folks by the way she can help with life and health issues over the radio airwaves.
  Susan Romer  
415 643 4523 www.susanromer.com 1 800 U-ADOPT-US www.onyourfeetfoundation.com
Bonnie talks with Susan Romer the Managing Attorney of the Law Offices of Adams and Romer, a firm in San Francisco and Santa Rosa, that limits its practice to adoption. Susan explains how with open adoption the child knows that the biological parents took the care and time to make a loving decision to place the child and looked for just the right parents for their child. Susan also introduces us to a mom who placed her daughter ten years ago, parents who successfully adopted their daughter 18 months ago, and a couple who are currently seeking an open adoption to grow their family. Susan also talks about her foundation On Your Feet Foundation, whose goal is to help mothers who've recently placed their babies live more successfully as they move forward in their lives.
  Master Zhi Gang Sha  
www.MasterShaSoulHealingCenter.com DrSha.com Livestream Events
Join Bonnie Coleen as she interviews Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, world-renowned Master Healer, Soul Leader and Divine Channel and author of a New York Times Best selling book. Master Sha is a doctor of western medicine (China) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (China and Canada). He is also a grandmaster of many eastern arts and is the Founder of the global, Love Peace Harmony Movement.
  Dr. Gerry Snelling  
415 295 7249 www.snellingtotalwellness.com
Dr. Gerry Snelling, D.C., talks about the 6 steps of wellness and the newest developments in functional, integrated health care.
  Dorthy Tyo  
650.321.6419 www.pasoh.com
Dorothy Tyo, The Director of the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy (Bonnie's alma mater) talks about depossession and Spirit rescue. She will discuss the signs of possession, kinds of entities, demonic and non-demonic possession, the history of depossession and how depossession can be an Act of Love,

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